Dr. Safer is an internationally recognized expert on the issues facing people whose siblings have physical or mental problems, a field she pioneered and about which she has written renowned two books. She offers consultations and individual and couple psychotherapy—including for politically mixed couples—in person and by phone, both nationally and internationally.

She is also available for speaking engagements and workshops for general and professional audiences on the “Taboo Topics” that are her specialty, as well as for radio, television and other media interviews on these and other related topics:

  • Difficult sibling relationships
  • How to disagree about politics in intimate relationships
  • Is motherhood for you?
  • Obsessive love
  • Must we forgive?
  • The positive effects of a parent’s death in adulthood

Dr. Safer’s email address is


Twitter: @JeanneSafer

Instagram: @JeanneSafer

You may contact Dr. Safer by email at

This is an excerpt from the writer’s application for advanced psychotherapy training, which she is now pursuing, as a direct result of our work together:

“Eight years ago, I rang her doorbell so softly that she did not hear me until my third try. She was a psychoanalyst and I was seeking her help, full of fear. What transpired that day and over the past eight years has been an experience of validation and safety, self-cohesion, and gradual freedom by knowing my history. Through my personal experience in psychotherapy and the realization of my natural ability, psychodynamic psychotherapy has become my vocation.”

 This note was accompanied by a joyous photograph of the author with his young daughter and his handicapped sister:

“Dear Dr. Safer,

It’s been eight years since our sessions. I’d like to thank you for all you did for me. I made gigantic strides on account of it. Attached is a picture from my family’s first Thanksgiving with my sister (who has cerebral palsy and mental retardation) holding my eight-month-old daughter. This is a moment I’ve been hoping to have for decades and it was indeed sweet. Parenthood is all I hoped it would be and more, and for all the joys of it, this one in particular, I owe a debt to you.”