Death Benefits

Death Benefits

July 25th, 2011

Breaking the final taboo, psychotherapist Jeanne Safer reveals the previously unexplored opportunities for growth that adults can discover after a parent dies and the grieving stops.

Although five percent of the population loses a mother or father…few of us are psychologically prepared for the experience in later life. Death Benefits explores the uncharted territory each of us enters when a parent leaves us, and offers a blueprint for positive change in every aspect of our lives. Death Benefits demonstrates through powerful stories (including the author’s own revelatory experience) how parent loss is the most potent catalyst for change in middle age and can actually offer us our last, best chance to become our truest, deepest selves.

Safer challenges the conventional wisdom that fundamental change is only for the young; and that loss must simply be endured or overcome. Filled with moving and engaging stories of real men and women re-imagining themselves after a parent’s death, it is a fresh, impassioned, and sophisticated look at self-transformation in later life.

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